Waterproof junction box is an auxiliary material for electrical accessories, and its main function is to protect cables and connect wires. Waterproof junction box is generally composed of shell, top cover, waterproof silicone gasket, waterproof joint and connection terminal. The function is to prevent water stains or water-related ground burial or contamination from invading the inside of the junction box and ensure good electrical contact performance. 
The raw materials of waterproof junction box are mainly PP / PC / PA66 / ABS / glass fiber reinforced polyester, stainless steel, etc. These materials have good waterproof effect, and different materials should deal with different environmental scenarios. In addition to the material selection is the design structure of waterproof junction box, and the structure is also a factor restricting its waterproof effect. The waterproof grade should be selected in the selection. The higher the waterproof grade is, the better the waterproof performance is. IP68 is the best choice. 
How to install waterproof wiring box 
The upper cover and the case box are fixed with a screw tightening force so that the sealing ring made of heat-resistant black rubber is uniformly pressed throughout the circle, so that even if there is serious water vapor or harmful gas, it will be blocked by a well-sealed sealing ring without infiltrating into the interior of the connection box. 
1. Pull the cable into the housing and peel the cable about 6 ~ 10 cm ( waterproof joint is suitable for 4 ~ 8 mm 6-11 mm 10-14 mm cable ) 
2. After the cable is separated, insert the connecting end screw according to the hole position to fix it. 
3, pull back the cable, clockwise tighten waterproof joint shell. Conductor stripping about 2 cm, take off the terminal cover, according to the need to complete the wiring.
4. Cover the end cover and cover the inner cover ( note : the sealant ring is placed on the convex side of the inner cover, and the gap of the inner cover is aligned to the end position ). 
5. Screw the outer cover with screws. There is no gap between the outer cover and the bottom shell.