Distinguishing low pressure lightning arresters 
Low voltage lightning arrester is an internal lightning protection scheme. The internal lightning protection system is based on shielding, equipotential, limiting, metal conductor shunt and choke type routing arrangement grounding and other measures. Lightning produces instantaneous high voltage current limiting and shunt from all aspects. 
The main function of the low-voltage power supply lightning arrester is to import the grounding body instantaneously under the impact of lightning wave, so as to minimize the residual voltage on the line behind the lightning arrester to protect the safety of the equipment. 
Unlike the external lightning protection system, the external lightning protection system consists of lightning rod, lightning net, lightning belt, lead and grounding system. Main protection of buildings, outdoor large equipment to avoid lightning high voltage, high thermal effect, mechanical effect, 
The destructive force generated by electrostatic induction, electromagnetic induction and counterattack. 
A brief overview of the classification of low-voltage lightning arresters 
1. By purpose : 
Power lightning arrester : AC power lightning arrester, DC power lightning arrester, special power ( wind power, solar ) lightning arrester, etc. 
Signal lightning arrester : digital signal lightning arrester, analog signal lightning arrester, antenna feeder line lightning arrester, etc. 
Combined lightning arresters : lightning arresters that protect multiple signals and power sources at the same time, such as the lightning arresters that integrate video lightning protection and power lightning protection at the camera end of the monitoring system. A lightning arrester that simultaneously provides Ethernet signal and power protection in communication. 
2. By lightning protection level : 
 Class B lightning arrester : general nominal current above 30KA. There are switching type and voltage limiting type.
Class C lightning arrester : general nominal current between 15 ~ 20KA, are limited voltage type. 
Class D lightning arrester : general nominal current between 5 ~ 10KA, are limited voltage type. 
 Low voltage lightning arrester is mainly used in outdoor street lamp, outdoor communication equipment, outdoor electronic advertising screen, outdoor electronic equipment, RV, etc. Considering factors such as maintenance and service life of outdoor equipment, lightning arrester is also essential to ensure normal use and operation in lightning weather environment.