The landmark buildings and scenic spots of the modern city image have a profound impact on the colorful lights at night. Lighting is also one of the important infrastructures of the city. How to ensure a more reliable and safe operation in the outdoor environment in a complex and changeable natural environment is the most critical requirement of landscape lighting. Shenzhen Greenway Electronics‘ M series waterproof connectors are becoming an important choice for urban landscape lighting project connection solutions due to their high waterproof and corrosion resistance in harsh environments, robustness, durability, lightness and flexibility.
1. Landscape lights: how to ensure long-term reliable operation?
The urban landscape lighting project mainly has two core demands: 1. Energy saving and environmental protection; 2. Reliability under long-term operation, the lighting equipment operates stably in the outdoor environment. For energy saving and environmental protection, LED lamps with lower energy consumption are currently used in the industry.
So how to ensure the long-term reliable operation of landscape lights, electronic component engineers believe that waterproof connectors are one of the key measures to ensure long-term high-reliability operation of landscape lights under outdoor service conditions. With the high reliability of industrial connectors in harsh environments, it can ensure efficient, safe and reliable power and signal connections for landscape lights. Industrial waterproof connectors have unique features such as high waterproof and corrosion resistance, strong and durable, light and flexible, and at the same time rely on strong advantages in quality assurance and efficient service.
2. Highly reliable connection scheme for landscape lights
In the connection solutions provided by Greenway for users, M series waterproof connectors are responsible for supplying power for landscape lamps;
3. Strong advantages, the key to user choice
1. Light and flexible, strong and durable
M series industrial waterproof connector adopts low-density, high-strength PBT engineering plastic on the shell, and adopts the structure and shape of circular connector in design, which is not only light and flexible, but also has high compressive strength and is more durable. Longer service life and more durable outdoors;
2. IP68 waterproof performance
Since landscape lights are used outdoors, some connectors also face outdoor waterproof performance requirements. Linkco Electric‘s YM series industrial connectors adopt a highly waterproof structural design as a whole, so there is no fear of water intrusion. At present, the YM series comes standard with IP65 waterproof, and users can choose IP67 or IP68 products according to their needs, which can fully meet the waterproof requirements of landscape lighting systems;
3. Outstanding resistance to salt spray corrosion
The complexity of the outdoor environment determines that the connector will face the test of salt spray corrosion, especially under the blessing of environmental factors such as rain and fog, the impact of corrosion will be more prominent. The above YM series industrial connectors of Linkco Electric are made of PBT polymer corrosion-resistant material, which has strong resistance to salt spray corrosion and can ensure the reliability of landscape lights in outdoor application scenarios;
4. Excellent power and signal connection capability
Greenway‘s M series waterproof connectors have excellent power connection and signal connection capabilities. Conductive contact material and advanced copper/silver plating process can ensure efficient conduction of power and signals. Low impedance, small temperature rise change, can ensure the stability and safety of landscape lights under long-term continuous work.