Last week, the editor published an article about an outdoor LED street light factory in Shenzhen on the public account. Because the number of orders exported to Brazil in South America was relatively large and the unit price was low, we were "forced" to use our LED driver-free solution. , greatly reduced the cost, and successfully harvested the story of a large order from Brazilian customers. Afterwards, someone contacted the editor and said: After two years, two lightning arresters are still damaged? How do you explain this please?
In this regard, the editor asked him to read another article I published on the public account before "How much do you know about surge protectors? ”, in this article, it clearly stated a problem:
"The surge protector also has a service life. It is a protective component product and a consumable part!"
Every time a lightning strike is suffered, the internal absorption and discharge of the components of the lightning arrester will suffer a certain amount of damage, especially if the surge is close to the limit value. Generally speaking, a surge protector that meets the quality requirements must meet the test standards of the US standard UL1449 (8/20uS) or the international electrotechnical IEC61643-11 (1.2/50uS), the test standards of these two surge protectors All have to withstand 15 times the impact of extreme surges (generally, lightning-prone areas have this frequency); after this number of times, the ability of the surge arrester to absorb and discharge will decrease or break down. When the electrical equipment is struck by lightning again, since the surge arrester has failed, the electrical equipment will be damaged due to the surge surge that exceeds its withstand voltage. From this, it can be seen that the surge arrester is a protective component product and a consumable part. Therefore, the natural conditions of the installation area should be considered when selecting the type, and the appropriate product should be selected according to the global minefield distribution map, so as to avoid the selection of Improper type can not achieve a good protective effect in actual use. "
Today, we continue to share a company located in Shanghai. Its outdoor LED lighting is very special. It is an outdoor LED fairway light, which is used for the renovation project of the international airport runway lighting in a super international city in East China.
               01 Introduction
Brief introduction of customer 4: An optoelectronic company in Shanghai, which mainly undertakes lighting products for large-scale municipal construction projects. It has to be said that Shanghai is an international super city after all, so many companies located in Shanghai also have an international avant-garde vision. Not exclusive, but also very willing to accept new things and new technologies.
In 2018, the company is preparing to bid for the renovation of the runway and fairway lights of a large international airport. In order to in