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Name:Lightning Impulse Counter
Product Features
 Counting indication: LED display
Installation method: standard rail installation
Design based on: IEC61643-11
Design based on: UL149
Design based on: CQC
Protection method: isolation detection technology
Output mode: non-contact modular
Protection class: IP67
Corresponding time: <100nS
Description Parameter
 The surge backup protector designed and developed by our company is specially designed for the T1 surge protector in the surge protection box of the power supply system.
The backup protection of T2 surge protector products prevents the surge protector from burning out due to overvoltage and overcurrent, and enhances circuit safety
measure. When the power supply system has an instantaneous surge or lightning induced current enters the line, the backup protector does not act, when the surge in the circuit
When the protector divides and needs to strike a short-circuit, the short-circuit current is very large at this time, and the backup protector is activated. Disconnect the circuit for safety protection
Function, the product uses high-quality brand devices, stable performance, can choose customized voltage specifications, the product is installed on standard rails, covering various
The application field of a variety of power supply systems meets the technical requirements of global safety regulations, and can assist customers to complete global access market certification services.
 The lightning counter is a kind of detection and recording of the number of lightning arrester discharge actions, that is, the number of lightning current impulses, so as to facilitate users to make statistics and analysis of thunderstorms in a specific area. The width of the lightning strike counter is 2 standard modules, which can be used with various power supply lightning protection devices, and can also be used as ancillary products for lightning protection boxes and other equipment.  OVP also provides customized lightning monitoring products for many customers OEM/ODM, which can be customized according to the requirements specified by customers. Personalized parameters include: lightning current detection range, accurate recording of peak current size (peak current acquisition), various data output methods (digital tube display, switch output, RS485 bus, etc.), monitoring coil (insulation withstand voltage with busbar, Monitoring sensitivity, hysteresis characteristics, saturation performance, etc.)
Product name Inductive lightning counter Rated working voltage AC 220 V (other voltages (5-380V) can be customized) Rated working frequency 50Hz Power parameters Static power consumption <1W Lightning waveform wave head time 0.1us-100us Can effectively respond to lightning current Peak value Max 200KA @ 8/20us Sensitivity>1KA @ 8/20us (other trigger currents can be customized) Display mode 2-digit digital tube storage mode Power-off retention, physical memory chip, data will never be lost Sampling coil isolation>10KV (if Need higher withstand voltage level, can be customized) Basic parameters Backup battery under normal circumstances, the use time is not less than 2 years High isolation power supply >10KV I/0 remote signaling interface switch value (isolation) output, RS485 bus output signal pulse width 10ms (Other pulse widths can be customized) Linear sensor is used for peak measurement and recording, and the linearity in the full range is better than 1%. The maximum isolation detection coil can reach 100KV. The minimum trigger sensitivity can reach 100A. , According to customer requirements, plate making working temperature range -40℃~+70℃ Humidity <95% Shell material Flame retardant ABS Dimensions 90*60*36mm EMC parameters Product weight 0.1Kg
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