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Name:M696 air switch type power distribution box
Product Features
1. Utility model design, has obtained a patent certificate;
2. TUV certification, environment-friendly PC shell, high quality;
3. The copper thickness of the conductor part is as high as 2mm, H62 brass is 37.5g, and the copper part is directly punched by the machine in the nylon groove. The integral molding process requires high, good continuity and stability;
4. The iron plate fixes the air switch, which is more firm. The iron plate is in contact with the PC shell. The groove design enables the fixed screw to not touch the ground without fear of leakage;
5. Waterproof rubber plugs at both ends, IP54 waterproof, safer to use, rubber plugs can be used according to the size of the customer to open the hole, installation is more convenient;
6. The nylon slot is high temperature resistant, waterproof and flame retardant;
7. Hook design, appearance size is generally applicable to the light poles on the market;
8. Transparent cover so that the staff can clearly know the working status;
9. Independent buckle, easy toggle after switch tripping, no need to lock the screw, convenient and quickly.
Description Parameter
Greenway street light distribution box, independent research and development design, fashionable and practical, high quality, welcome to send us your inquiry!
Black box with transparent cover
Input 80A, Output 16A
Input 500VAC, Output 450VAC
Cross section
4 ~ 35mm²
Conductor fixing material
Conductor material
H62 copper x4
Connect method
M3 screws and
Box fixing method
Fixing lugs
Housing material
IP code
Fire retardant level
Working temperature
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