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how to choise waterproof junction box
Publish:Greenway (Shenzhen) Electronics Co., Ltd    Time:2022-06-29
 There are three basic elements for choosing waterproof junction box. First: how much current and how many way is required for the terminals. We can derive the current value from the formula: Power divided by voltage equals current. Second: how many outlet and inlet holes are required. Be aware of how many sets of wires are going in and out. For example, a waterproof junction box with one entry and four exits is required, and the wire is 3*2.5mm2, it needs to be equipped with 8-12mm waterproof rubber core. The wiring range of the waterproof junction box is 0.5-4.0mm2, the larger the square, the larger the connection. The waterproof rubber core has 3-6mm 4-8mm 6-11mm 8-12mm 10-14mm. The most important thing is the diameter of the incoming and outgoing wires,  it is necessary to match the waterproof rubber according to the wire diameter. Third: according to your own use environment, use scene, waterproof level, box size, and box material to choose which box waterproof junction box is best for you.

1. Select the correctly sealing grade
When choosing a waterproof junction box, the IP protection level is a very important factor. According to IEC-regulations, the first number of the IP (Ingressprotection) rating is the ability of the shell to resist the intrusion of solid particles, and the second number represents the protection ability of the shell against water droplets. The IP rating of Greenway waterproof junction box all reaches IP68, which means that it can adapt to the harsh environment.
The IP level is only defined for the casing, but the equipment should also meet the corresponding requirements after installation. That is to say, if the waterproof junction box needs to be installed with waterproof cable glands, its protection level should be higher than that of the box (The mainstream waterproof cable glands on the market can reach the IP68 standard).

2. Choose the correct size
Choosing the correct size of waterproof junction box is based on the size of the existing components and where the equipment is to be placed. However, we should also consider whether new components will be added in the future. If so, whether the space of box is sufficient. Also note that the reference dimensions provided by the junction box supplier are external or internal dimensions. It should also be noted that the space available for installation is usually less than the internal dimensions provided.

3. Pay attention to what parts are included in the standard configuration of the product
The product numbers of most manufacturers (especially domestic manufacturers) do not reflect which standard accessories are included. Usually we can understand that a junction box contains the box cover, box body, sealing strip and box cover screws. According to different needs, the manufacturer will also provide optional accessories such as wall fixing angle, floor installation, cable glands and so on. In order not to cause trouble afterwards, it is very necessary to find out which are standard parts and which are optional accessories before ordering.

4. Equipment long-term working environment
Generally speaking, only buy the right one, not the expensive one. The price of waterproof junction boxes also varies greatly depending on the material. Before selecting a model, you should clarify the detailed requirements, whether the equipment will work indoors or outdoors for a long time, and the product materials. Waterproof junction boxes are mainly used in relatively harsh environments. When purchasing, the impact resistance, load strength, insulation, non-toxicity and aging resistance of the material should be considered. ABS waterproof junction box with relatively low price, ABS can fully meet the general needs of indoor with its excellent comprehensive performance; if it is an outdoor environment, it is best to use nylon PA66 waterproof junction box, which has better performance than ABS material products. Not matter weather resistance, heat resistance, flame retardancy, UV resistance, anti-aging and other properties, and also the price is hig