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The main brands of connectors
Publish:Greenway (Shenzhen) Electronics Co., Ltd    Time:2018-07-25
 The main brand of connectors          

       Connectors include famous American brands MOLEX, TYCO (AMP), 3M and SAMTEC.Famous Japanese brands JST, HIROSE, YAZAKI, JAE;Famous French brand FCI;Korea famous brand KET, KUM and other brands.Connection terminals include PHOENIX in Germany, HEYCO in the United States, DINKLE in Taiwan, and GREENWAY in mainland China.Among them, GREENWAY terminals in mainland China are mainly concentrated in the field of lighting industry, which has become the standard choice for the wiring of the lighting industry all over the world.

      GREENWAY‘s connectors are screw thread type,spring piece type, mechanical press type, all kinds of terminals have applied for patent, unique design, stable performance, so that GREENWAY, a Chinese mainland brand, is sold all over the world.

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